Weddings are GO!

Yes, it's finally time to dust down that morning suit, press that shirt and shine those shoes - weddings are back on! Bells will ring, aisles will be marched down and grooms will be well-groomed once more. Whatever your sartorial style, we've got everything you need, from waistcoats to cummerbunds, bow ties and even personalised face masks, to ensure that your day is a stylish one.

The home of fun-but-formal attire

Peregrine & Jude puts some much-needed fun into the world of men’s formalwear, mixing traditional style with innovative designs to suit all personalities. Working with a range of suppliers from across the UK we seek out the best quality fabrics in a wide range of colours and patterns to create our custom-made garments. Our mission is to bring back choice, style and a touch of whimsy to formal dressing.

Peregrine Jude Face M

100% Cotton Washable Face Masks

Peregrine & Jude has been working hard to create high-quality, durable face masks to help keep people safe in public. We have been using our finest cottons (normally reserved for waistcoats) which have been rigorously tested to withstand a 60 degree wash, so you can confidently reuse them again and again.





Every which way but loose

Made to measure, reversible waistcoats

Horsing around with Bounder & Cad

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Looking for something completely different?

We make one of a kind waistcoats, cummerbunds and more