Advice On Choosing Your Waistcoat

How to pick your perfect waistcoat

Whoever said formal is boring has clearly never worn one of Peregrine & Jude’s signature reversible waistcoats. And the creative process couldn’t be simpler: choose a main fabric and a reverse fabric (seen only when worn inside-out), select the buttons and piping and voila! Your very own two-in-one waistcoat. Double-breasted, single-breasted, linens, silks, tartans and zigzags, we’ve got styles and materials for every taste.

ColourPeregrine Jude Bespoke Waistcoat

Do you have a colour theme to work to? You may want to choose a matching colour, a lighter/darker shade or opt for a complimentary colour.

Have you got a tie in mind? Think about which colour will work best with the tie (same goes for your choice of shirt). If you have a cupboard-full of bold ties you may want to choose something more muted in navy, brown or perhaps our Ultimate Grey.

Do you wear plain or patterned shirts? A crisp white poplin may still be most men’s go-to, but there is an increasing trend for something a bit different. A light blue stripe with contrast collar works wonders with a yellow double-breasted waistcoat, while a small floral pattern might suit a single-breasted Hampshire Linen.

Whichever colour you might like, we always encourage you to check out our swatch cards first.



*We should preface this by saying that we at Peregrine & Jude show no favouritism between waistcoat styles. Ultimately you will look best in the style that you feel best in! That said…

Regular Cut Single-Breasted Style

Some people would consider the double-breasted style the more formal of the two, though it would be fairer to say that while both the double- and single-breasted waistcoat can be worn on formal occasions, the single-breasted is also frequently worn as an “everyday” item.



Peregrine Jude Double Silk Waistcoat
Double-Breasted Style with Straight Neckline





The straight-neckline double-breasted style in the most “traditional” cut. Opt for self-piping (piping in the same colour as the main fabric) and covered buttons for a more conservative look or go with contrast piping for a modern twist.

Double-Breasted Style with Curved Neckline





If you are looking to have waistcoats made for a wedding party, you may want to go for a mix of styles all in the same fabric. As a result everyone can choose their preferred style whilst coordinating with the rest of the party.


For an added touch of personalisation, we offer a neckband embroidery service.