Using a soft measuring tape, stand up straight with your shoulders relaxed and your arms down, looking straight ahead. Do not take measurements over thick or bulky clothing, such as a jacket, jumper or cardigan. The tape should not be pulled tight *Please note that it is recommended you have someone else take your measurements for you – it can be tricky passing a tape around your chest with your arms down by your side.

Chest – taken horizontally at the broadest part of the chest, passing the tape under the arms. Be careful that the tape does not slip under the shoulder blades.

Waist – taken horizontally, at the narrowest point of your body, or roughly at navel-height.

Back Length – In a straight line from the base of the back of your neck to the level of your waist.

Optional measurements – do also send us your shirt size (neck size in “) and suit jacket size, if known.

When choosing between Regular and Long sizes, bear in mind the height of the trousers with which you will be wearing your waistcoat – formal trousers typically sit higher up than casual styles (eg jeans, chinos). You can measure the distance from the bottom of your shirt collar to the top of the waistband on your formal trousers and compare it with the back length of the waistcoat, to ensure there is a small overlap.